the life of a tween



~ he talks when he sleeps

~he wakes up mid-sentence

~he copies everybody

~he’s obsessed with Ninjago

~he bosses people around like nobody’s buisness

~he’s AWEOME at soccer

~his closet is his floor

~he’s awesome at reading and is now on level 2 books

~he’s 6 years old and says he’s older than me

~he’s kinda annoying sometimes

~and he’s pretty dang cool


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Allow me to introduce myself…


My name is Kaia. I’m 9 years old, & my birthday is on July 14, so I’m turning 10 super-duper soon! I have a super annoying little brother, as lots of you reading this probably do too. I have brown hair & brown eyes. I am also the shortest person in my class. But I’m the fastest to, which is pretty cool! I have 3 major best friends, Zoe, Katie & Ayla. They’re totally awesome & like the sisters i never had! Instead i got Koa. Bleagh. LOL. Anyway, on July 4th, which is the day the USA was discovered, we went to the parade, which was so cool, plus i got a ton of candy. But what was even better was the running races after the parade! I ran in the girls 8-9 race. & guess what place i got? 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!! I got first place in the girls ra-ace! hey, that rhymes! (ROTF) July 4th is also my gramma’s b-day. But there are a few things you should know about me:

  1. Im obsessed with clothes and fashion
  2. I love interior designing
  3. I’m AWESOME at drawing people & landscapes & 3-D buildings
  4. I LOVE art
  5. I have multiple friends who are boys
  6. I have 1 BFFL (best friend for life) who is a boy
  7. I have 2 retainers
  8. I’m Chinese, Swedish, Hawaiian, & German (and whatever my dad is)
  9. I love reading (I read at a highschool level)
  10. I’m obsessed with Lego.

                                    I hope you enjoyed my post!

Kaia M Richardson