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Again,  I am soooo sorry I haven’t written in a while. Life is so crazy sometimes! What with school and martial arts and Koa’s soccer… anyway, I’m super pumped! Want to know why? Three reasons:

A. My birthday party is really soon

B. My actual birthday is pretty soon after that (I’ll be eleven!)

C. School’s almost out for the summer!

And once school’s out, that makes me a sixth grader! An official senior! Well, in elementary school. But, I will be a sixth grade student doing French immersion!  And even better that I get to do it with one of my best friends, the one and only, Cate Ries! Cate is really smart, and I am sure she’ll have no problem  learning everything over again in a different language! It’ll be really tough for both of us, but I’m glad I’ll go through it with a friend by my side. Like I said, it will be a challenge, but I’m really excited. Just put your head to the wind and keep on moving. No matter how hard it is, we can’t stop.

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Dear readers of this blog,

I just wanted to let you know that  I love you. You are amazing and beautiful/handsome and talented and a pure genius! I mean it. No matter what other people tell you.

Another thing.

If those other people are your friends throwing negative comments in your face, I hate to break it to you, buuuuuuut…. you need to drop them and say, “Girl, get outta here! I don’t want to see you or your negativity in my personal space again!” and get some new and improved friends!

It’s your choice. Quite simple if you ask me.

Well, that’s all I got for motivation.

And for things to write.

And advice.

Well again, I just wanted to let you know that I love you!!!


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Allow me to introduce myself…


My name is Kaia. I’m 9 years old, & my birthday is on July 14, so I’m turning 10 super-duper soon! I have a super annoying little brother, as lots of you reading this probably do too. I have brown hair & brown eyes. I am also the shortest person in my class. But I’m the fastest to, which is pretty cool! I have 3 major best friends, Zoe, Katie & Ayla. They’re totally awesome & like the sisters i never had! Instead i got Koa. Bleagh. LOL. Anyway, on July 4th, which is the day the USA was discovered, we went to the parade, which was so cool, plus i got a ton of candy. But what was even better was the running races after the parade! I ran in the girls 8-9 race. & guess what place i got? 1ST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!! I got first place in the girls ra-ace! hey, that rhymes! (ROTF) July 4th is also my gramma’s b-day. But there are a few things you should know about me:

  1. Im obsessed with clothes and fashion
  2. I love interior designing
  3. I’m AWESOME at drawing people & landscapes & 3-D buildings
  4. I LOVE art
  5. I have multiple friends who are boys
  6. I have 1 BFFL (best friend for life) who is a boy
  7. I have 2 retainers
  8. I’m Chinese, Swedish, Hawaiian, & German (and whatever my dad is)
  9. I love reading (I read at a highschool level)
  10. I’m obsessed with Lego.

                                    I hope you enjoyed my post!

Kaia M Richardson